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Alors que est en tournée mondiale, elle arrive quand même à préparer un nouvel album pour 2009... Les rumeurs courent que le premier single sera : Sexuality.

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Paroles Sexuality, Rihanna (lyrics)

I want your..
I see you
What you wanna do?
Lets break the rules
You wanna go down
Drive all through my town
Till I make that sound

Now don't be shy
You know I want to lie
Please don't hide your

Baby lets go
Loose all self-control
If you wanna know my

You want me
Then make a move,
Come show me
Just where you can do
I'm ready you're ready, too
So come with me tonight boo
Boy show me (yeah)
What's you're Fantasy?
To let me see your

You know 'bout me
You wanna get on top of me
And just release your

I wanna see you baby
I want your Sexuality
I want your Sexuality