medi how would you do it

Je sens que Medi va cartonner avec son single How Would You Do It. Ecoutez, ça fout la pêche et en plus il est français!

Vidéo clip officiel de Medi, How Would You Do It

Paroles How Would You Do It, Medi

Is it me is it him
Tell who is gonna be
You've been with this guy so long
And I know it's something wrong
Cause you seat in here with me
Is up to you
What you do
I bet my heart is screaming out girl
[...] it's changed now
What you have to do now
Is stay and live long with me

And tell me how would you do
How could you do
Go back to something that it ain't working
I know you feel it too

I'm amazed the past few days
Cause I've been going out my mind
Girl I know that we've just met
But I swear this is it
Something special is going on
Look I'm no[...]
I just wanna see the moment
Cause your train goes this evening
And I couldn't have you leaving
Without telling you the way I feel