Le nouveau single de extrait de son album White T-Shirt s'intitule Shoulda.

Clip Shoulda de Micky Green

(mini clip en attendant l'officiel)

Paroles (lyrics) Shoulda de Micky Green

Golly what a wally I was
As usual
Nothing new

But I expect there’ll be no regrets
I can find the time
I feel fine

I should, I would, I coulda

You’ve gone cuckoo like a clock
The problem is what ?

You know you do it a lot
I’m gonna change the locks
You were my rock
I was wrong

Move on

I said I
should I would I coulda

So everything was alright
I finally felt alive
When I kicked you like a stone from the station to home

Believe it or not
Well you deserved what you got
You should have run
When you saw what was to come